Bob Zerrenner - President 

Bob (Robert) Zerrenner founded A Creative Storefront & Mirror (ACSM) on December 1, 2000 with his partner and wife Theresa Zerrenner.  Over the course of 14 years, Bob built a portfolio of work that ranges from major projects such as the Port Washington Library Redevelopment to helping franchise owners of Dunkin Donuts and European Wax Centers to expand throughout the New York, New Jersey metro area.   Before founding ACSM, he spent nearly 20 years in the glass fabrication industry, the bulk of which was spent as sole proprietor of other glass ventures.   

Theresa Zerrenner- Vice President

Theresa Zerrenner became Partner & Vice President at ACSM at its founding.   As Vice President, Theresa has effectively managed bidding and operations for 15 years.   She was recognized for significant achievement by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) in 2013.  After absorbing Anton Laub, LLC through acquisition in 1999, Theresa expanded her craft to stained glass restoration which brought additional value and service expansion to the ACSM line of business.

Jason Zerrenner- Senior Field Supervisor

Jason Zerrenner settled in as Senior Field Supervisor after beginning his career as an apprentice within the ACSM family at its inception.  Before settling in as SFS for ACSM, Jason spent 6 years with another contract glazing company starting as an apprentice earning his way to project manager.  As Project Manager, Jason managed the completion of projects totaling $5 million in revenue.  Since joining ACSM, Jason has led the development of major projects, drawing from a wealth of technical expertise that has proved invaluable to the operational success of ACSM.  A proficient manager of time and resources, projects completed under Jason’s direction have culminated in time and under budget.  

Robert J Zerrenner – Chief Executive

Robert James Zerrenner became Chief Executive in late 2012, and has been working within the company since his teens.   Before joining ACSM full-time, he was an options and futures broker on the NYMEX exchange.  Since becoming Chief Executive, ACSM has expanded its geographical operations to major cities such as Philadelphia and Boston.  In addition to geographical growth, he has built infrastructure to support growing operations in order to guide ACSM through the 21st century.    Mr. Zerrenner, a former collegiate athlete, graduated from Rowan University and received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management.